aura-884270_960_720Learn how to cleanse your AURA for a more fulfilling life. Begin by understanding how to plant “seeds” in your “hidden garden”, YOUR AURA.

You have planted positive and negative “seeds” in your aura your whole life. Learn several tools to remove impurities before the negative “seeds” produce a permanent effect.

You can:
– Reshape your aura
– Cleanse negative energy
– Energize with positive energy
– Make lasting and healthy changes

This spring meeting is presented by Helen Borth, Director of the Institute of Self Awareness,
with Larry Borth, ISA’s in house aura interpreter.

INSTITUTE OF SELF AWARENESS Home of basic aura understanding

Date: March 16 Location: 13745 W. Capitol Dr. Brookfield (upper level)
Time: 7:00pm Fee: Donation Register: 262-781-5300 or 414-462-5731
Reiki training not needed iselfawareness.org ISA is nonprofit