self recognition

how do you recognize yourself when you have to learn all about you.  That’s a good question. If you don’t know all about you how do you recognize you? maybe recognize another person who you hold in high esteem maybe you recognize another person who you trust more than you so how do you recognize you when you don’t know you you go to work on you step by step making and 1.0 step by step then pause think about it and see what comes to you what have you attached to it flawless

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Anpu Mfundishi Olafemi A. Watangulizi  has been studying martial science since 1970 and teaching Martial Science since 1977. Martial Science covers a variety of disciplines including Tai Chi Chuan, Kiungo Cha Mkono, Hsing-Yi, Pa-Kua, Ba Chi, Chi Kung, Taoist Meditation/Longevity Exercises, Shaolin Chuan Kung Fu, Tai Chi Ruler, and Tui Shou. Related disciplines include stress management/relaxation therapy, meditation, various breathing techniques, self-massage, and the course called Fitness for the New Millennium. Mfundishi Olafemi has studied Martial Science with Nganga Mfundishi Tolo-Naa since 1977. He also studied the Wu system of Tai Chi Chuan with Professor Huo Chi-Kwang and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Han Lin-Yun of China and Chicago.
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