Step Into Golf Find Center

Step Into Golf and Find Center is a training program that will transform your golf swing. Find center and become aware how the golf club moves around center. Golf is more than a game it’s an art form if you are interested learning to play your best golf. Step Into Golf Find Center maybe for you. An 8 lesson approach to sequential learning each area has drills as well as stretching and strengthening exercises to give you the tools to find your center.

Once you become Aware of Center everything falls into place.
Hit the ball further
control spin
control flight
strike the ball off of any lie

I personally invite you to try Step into Golf for free. Get access to Step Into Golf find Center training by creating an an online account. This is what you will get a one free digital lesson and one week of online virtual training.

Enter the Circle and Find Center,
Doug Sjostrom Golf Professional Author copyright 2016

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