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Follow though: Extends and goes left

Extend and as the body goes unwinds to left.

Upper body
The back of the hand extends down the line as the swing expands its energy from center through ball. The shoulders unwind to the left as the left arm stays connected against the under arm.

Lower body:
The left side braces as the torso moves around the navel center leading the opening of shoulders.

If torso stops its rotation around center the left hand stops it extension through the ball the clubs energy will continue to travel forward either closing the face causing a hook or scooping the ball causing a lofted shot.

Grip: Hands left and right

Left Hand

Place the grip of the club in the left hand, the grip lies across the knuckles of the hand making sure the club face is square. Place the thumb down the right side of center of shaft and again check that the club face is square to slightly open.

Right Hand
Place the grip against the knuckles of the right hand and the into two first two fingers. Check the club face make sure that it square to slightly open closes and place the thumb down the left center of the grip.

Check points with the club out infrount of you the toe of the club

Finish: Checks and Balance

Checks weight and balance finish

Upper body
As body unwinds the arms fold, wrist rehinge and the belly turns thought to complete the upper body finish. Check if the belly is the closet to target.

Lower body
The left leg braces and the belly turn on to the pelvis over the left leg. Check that right foot has raised onto its toes.

Finishing with on the back foot causes fat or lofty shots. Finishing with the upper body ahead of the belly is caused by an over-the-top motion resulting in slice.

Take away: Its all connected

Target line -Swing path-Swing plane -Center

Upper body –
The connected take away moves the club with the hands, arms, shoulders and the back muscles.
Hands, arms, elbows remain connected at the shoulders as they turn and engage the torso.

Pick the club up like a hammer as the golf shaft is sent down a swing path 3 degrees inside the target line.
With the correct body centers and swing path the body will rotate correctly cause the swing plane.

Lower body–
Connect feet, ankles, knees and thighs to pelvis and torso.
The right side braces to support the torso rotation.

Notice: Ground pressure in the left leg as it push against the ground and the right leg accepts

Center –
The torso begins to moves around the naval Center.
The shoulders begin to move around the solar center, each moves independently yet connected.
The term Center implies Stillness and there is a dynamic Stillness that is present when the body moves around Center.

if golf shaft is sent down a path to far outside the target line the shoulders under turn and torso doesnt rotate.
If the golf shaft is to inside the shoulder over turn and torso over rotates. Causing a loss of power.

Connection: The ability to hold your form using muscles counter winding.
Ground pressure: The ability to root oneself into the ground.
Target line
Swing path
Swing Plane

Down means down

Downswing: Down means down
Upper body:
Downswing starts with a shift of the hips towards the target, tilting the spine slightly back as the right shoulder has exterior rotation causing the right elbow to move in towards the body. Right elbow drops vertically down to the right hip.

Lower body:
The left leg braces in as the right knee moves towards the ball. The the right leg pushs against the ground opening the hips open.

Ground pressure the body is rooted into the ground as feet and legs push against the ground.

If the swing is it started from the ground up with a slight bump of the hips towards the target the club has a tendency to come over the top. Or casting resulting in a loss of power.

Back swing : Twirl to the top

Continue to shoot the shaft back on the same target line as the arms extend they create width in the backswing. The shoulders continue to turn to completion. As torso complete it rotation onto the right side.

As the club moves around its centers keep awareness of the club face as it stays square to the circle.

Ground pressure:
Maintains ground pressure with the right and left leg keeping the horizontal and vertical Center in a dynamic stillness.

The body and club are in position to begin the downswing with a slight shift of the hips toward the target.

Consequences if the club doesn’t twirl to top the body becomes disconnected and center is loss by ineffective compensatory moves used to “get the club to top. Disconnection and loss of Center loses power.

Impact: Pivot Release

The club face targets the inside quadrant of the ball as the club travels on its swing plane on a path equal to the targets path…

Upper body
rt elbows is at your right hip and the club is in position to strike the ball. This dynamic move is were the energy of the swing is expanding as it impacts the ball. The strike is delivered with the back of the left hand. Back of the left hand equals club face.

Lower body
The left leg brace as the rt leg pushs against the ground. The pivot moves around a dynamic center located just below the navel.

Consequences if the club expands too soon fat or hook shots can occur and if the club doesn’t expand thin shots can occur.

Consequences if the left leg doesn’t brace the body move will side to far forward not allowing the club to expand cause a push on push slice.